A Quick and Easy Rice Mac and Cheese Recipe

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Mac and cheese are one of the most comforting dishes, whether it's served for lunch or dinner. And, it's also one of the easiest to make at home. You can add a variety of different flavors and ingredients to make it even more special, like a layer of crispy bread crumbs or a drizzle of honey on top.

This recipe takes the classic dish and turns it into a rice version, which is great for those with gluten allergies or other food sensitivities. The rice pasta gives the mac and cheese an incredibly satisfying and slightly nutty flavor.

It's a simple recipe that needs just 5 ingredients and 10 minutes to make, making it an ideal meal for any time of day or night. And it's an especially good choice for those who are trying to cut back on carbs.

The key to making this rice mac and cheese is boiling the rice pasta in water first so that it cooks thoroughly before adding the milk. That will help ensure that the pasta doesn't turn gummy or stick to the bottom of your rice cooker.

Another important step is to stir the milk and cream together so that it doesn't burn on the bottom of the pot. Once the milk is hot, stir in the cheese and keep stirring until it's smooth and creamy.

A lot of macaroni and cheese recipes call for a bechamel sauce, which is made with flour to help the cheese melt. But, while a bechamel sauce can produce silky results, it's time-consuming and requires a lot of cooking skills.

For a fast alternative, you can use Minute(r) Ready to Serve Jasmine Rice and tons of cheese! You can even jazz up the dish by adding in a bunch of different vegetables.

Try adding in some diced green chiles or Rotel for some extra spice. Or, if you have any broccoli florets on hand, toss them in with the rice.

You can also add browned sausage or chopped pimentos for an additional layer of cheesy goodness on top! This quick, easy, and kid-friendly rice macaroni and cheese is a delicious choice that's perfect for anyone looking to cut back on carbs while still eating a filling meal.

The best part is, this recipe can be made in a rice cooker or Instant Pot! If you want to know how to cook rice, just be sure to follow this instructions.

This easy-to-make stovetop version of mac and cheese uses Minute(r) Ready to Serve Jasmine rice, which makes this a great gluten-free choice for those with food allergies or other sensitivities. And, it's just as ooey-gooey and tasty as the original.

Depending on how much cheese you're using, this recipe can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. If you're making this in a rice cooker, be sure to use the steam setting to ensure that it doesn't overcook.

The key to getting the best macaroni and cheese is to mix multiple types of cheese. Young and processed cheeses don't melt as smoothly as sturdier, aged blocks, but they're often packed with complex cheesy flavor. Gruyere, for example, melts much like cheddar but has a nutty flavor that's incredibly delicious. Other classics include gouda, jack cheese, pepper jack, and mozzarella. Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/caramelized-apple-mac-and-cheese-recipe_n_5ba3c5c2e4b0375f8f9b066a.